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Live streaming & Online Private Shopping : New digital tools to re-invent the customer relationship

The sanitarian crisis that we are currently facing with its store closures has been an opportunity for the retail world to test many different new initiatives. In addition to traditional online sales, new tools allow retailers to offer an online shopping experience that is much similar to what can be found directly in store.

Among these different available tools, the agency focused on two of them that seem to be the most popular on the market: live streaming and private shopping by videoconference.

We had the opportunity to test the initiatives of many brands and retailers to take stock of what we think about of these new practices, which today make it possible to reinvent the link between sellers, Key Opinion Leaders and consumers.

For a presentation of all these trends and orientations that will be part of tomorrow’s world of distribution, do not hesitate to contact Michel Carton at +33 (0)1 53 27 67 67 or by e-mail at contact@volcandesign.com

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