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TransShopper Lab – 07/2018 issue : Think the future of retail with Z

Hot on the heels of Millennials, Gen Zers are the new kind of shopper in town. This generation, born from 1995, is often described as the most connected, creative and fulfilled and should alter the status quo between consumers and retailers.

Is GEN Z as disruptive as it is widely described ? How does it interact with brands and perceive them ? Why these « digital natives » still shop in stores ? and which retailers are their favorites ?

In this TransShopper Lab of 2018, Volcan Design reveals the expectations and preferences of these new shoppers and digs deeper into who they are, how they shop and how brands can win them over. Understanding this generation is necessarto survive the current shift in retail and this TransShopper Lab is an insightful guide to craft strategies and seduce the heart and mind of post-millennials.

For further details about this edition of the TransShopper Lab: Think the future of retail with GEN Z, please contact us.

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